Our Mission

We are an organization of small agricultural producers with an entrepreneurial approach, which delivers commercial services and offers quality products to the market.


We try to satisfy the necessities of our members by offering better market alternatives and giving support related to commercialization. We give our clients careful, professional attention and responsibly fulfill our agreements. To our employees we offer a stable working environment with opportunities for personal growth and development. In all of our programs, we are committed to promoting environmental protection.


We will be the first financially independent company a buyer thinks of when he needs a first-class product and service delivered responsibly.

In order to fulfill our Mission and Vision, we work with the following strategic values:



i.- Responsibility: Fulfill agreements and obligations, with our customers as well as with our members.

ii.- Quality of products and service: It is very important to give a first class service and products, which satisfy the expectations of our clients, members and workers.

iii.- Environmental protection: We are committed to promoting environmental protection through the promotion and implementation of eco-friendly processes which do not threaten human health, wildlife, or water sources.

iv.- Organizational sustainability: We promote efficient and effective communication in order to maintain a high level of information and participation in all of our member organizations. The goal is to increase the identification, engagement, and loyalty of our members.

v.- Financial sustainability:
We will be financially independent through the generation of income and rendering of services related to the commercialization of our members’ coffee.

vi.- Gender:
The incorporation and appreciation of the active participation of women is fundamental to our organization. We will achieve this incorporation through specific policies and procedures that encourage the participation of women. This will ensure that women benefit directly from the development of our member organizations.

vii.- Continuous improvement:
In order to improve our competitiveness in the world markets it is necessary to stimulate innovation in our procedures. These innovations will enable us to offer better services and products, cut down costs, and perform beyond our clients’ expectations.